Protect Your Future During a Virginia Divorce

Our skilled attorney helps those with every aspect of a divorce. Using both her intimate knowledge of Virginia divorce law and a steady compassion for her clients, Alanna Williams provides guidance and support during every phase of the process. From the initial filing to determining child custody to dividing assets and more, she understands how trying it can be to navigate the legal system for such personal purposes. She also knows what it takes to effectively protect your future and meet your goals.


A divorce is a highly personal choice and often a complex legal matter, especially for those who have been married for a number of years. The decision to pursue a divorce may not be easy, and the uncertainty of moving forward can be daunting. Separating your life from your spouse’s is often more than just ending your union. There are many factors to consider, including children, business, homes, and other assets. However, effective and successful divorce cases can be prepared with the help of an experienced and skilled attorney.

Alanna Williams has been helping Virginia clients achieve their goals and move forward to a secure future through divorce for many years. Today, she is respected as a compassionate and determined advocate for her clients, an attorney who will both take the time to understand your unique situation and fight for what you deserve. If you are considering a divorce—or even if you’ve already started the process—call the Law Office of Alanna Williams today to learn more about your rights and legal options.

Child CustodyChild Custody

Protecting your children is always the most important and anxiety-inducing aspect of a divorce. Parents stay awake at night, worrying: Who will get custody of the children? How will this affect our relationship? How can I protect the time I will have with my children?

These questions and many more leave parents uncertain and fearful. However, it is possible to reach an effective and happy agreement with the help of a skilled and knowledgeable child custody attorney.

If you are considering a divorce—or even if you have already started the process but are concerned about your success—the legal team at the Law Office of Alanna Williams may be able to help. Alanna has been representing individuals in divorce cases and child custody agreements for many years, and she understands what is at stake. With compassion and tenacity, she can help you work toward the best possible outcome and bright future with your children. To learn more and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, call our Fairfax office today.

Equitable DistributionEquitable Distribution

One important and sometimes contentious aspect of a divorce begins with a seemingly simple question: who gets what? After years of marriage, everything must be separated and divided between the spouses during a divorce. However, it can be very difficult to decide who will take what, how much, and where. Virginia follows a system of equitable distribution with the goal of fairly dividing assets and debt between spouses.

Even under this system, it is important to have experienced and effective legal guidance to represent your interests. A skilled lawyer can help you protect rights and secure the things that will help you move forward to a happy, secure future. If you are getting a divorce and are concerned about the division of your property and debt, don’t hesitate to call the Law Office of Alanna Williams to learn more about your options.


Working through the many aspects of a divorce can be overwhelming and exhausting. Each decision is personal and often emotional, and many have a significant impact on what your life will soon look like. Seeking child and spousal support is no different. For many, this support is essential to making sure they can move forward to a secure and successful future, and you need an experienced attorney on your side to ensure that you obtain what you deserve.

At the Law Office of Alanna Williams, our legal team has been representing the interests of Virginians in family law matters for many years, and we understand what is at stake. We are here to help you obtain the best outcome possible so you can start a new, fresh chapter in your life. If you are considering a divorce, or even if you are already involved in proceedings but you are worried about obtaining support, call our Fairfax office today to learn more about how we may be able to help.